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Job Description
• Drive advanced engineering in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KRR) technologies.
• Work with an international team of experts to transfer and apply the Bosch in-house NLP & KRR innovations and 3rd-party NLP & KRR solutions to Bosch products and services of information extraction, knowledge-rich assistance, question answering, and information retrieval.
• Work together with Bosch business units to integrate NLU & KRR solutions into Bosch AI platform with high quality implementation for scaling-up.Qualifications
Basic Qualifications
• Master or Ph.D. in computer science or engineering
• 5+ years of industry engineering experience in natural language processing, knowledge engineering, machine learning, and related fields
• Hands-on experience on production of NLP / KRR systems
• Strong DevOps experience with continuous integration such as Docker, Kubernetes, AWS / Azure Cloud, etc.
• Strong experience on web service development using Python and / or Java.
• Hands-on experience on NLP / KRR libraries and tools, such as PyTorch, spaCy, NLTK, scikit-learn, Huggingface Transformers, Protégé, rdflib, OWLAPI, Stardog, Apache Jena, etc.Preferred Qualifications
• Hands-on experience on MLOps such as MLFlow, Airflow, Seldon, etc.
• Hands-on experience of deep learning technologies and state-of-the-art deep learning toolkits
• Lead the production of commercial NLP / KRR systems
• Publication record in top NLP and KRR venues (e.g., ACL, EMNLP, ISWC, NAACL).

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