Python/Django Engineer needed to revolutionize data handling in research and education

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ABOUT: Figlinq (figlinqcom) is an online platform offering connected, collaborative tools for deposition, analysis, interactive visualization, sharing and publishing of research data lifecycle Figlinq was funded by Amsterdam University Medical Centers and the Dutch Research Council and is backed by data viz giant Plotly IncAd:

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We are an early-stage startup looking to replace the antiquated research data publishing process and facilitate open, transparent and reproducible science In the longer term, we aim to disrupt the scientific process itself, by enabling scalable reuse of research data by silicon scientists of the futureAd:

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Python/Django, PostgreSQL, Redis, ElasticSearch and React JS on Google Cloud Platform via Github and CircleCI, with help of Azure


We are looking for an experienced Python/Django engineer who can take charge of the back-end and work remotely with our front-end developers Ideal candidates will additionally have experience in full-stack development process and passion for (data) scienceAd:

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• Documented experience in Python/Django/PostgreSQL;
• Ability to write clean, well-documented code;
• Fluent written and spoken English;
• Ability to work at least partly within Amsterdam time zone (GMT+1)

• Designing, researching and implementing new features together with front-end team;
• Maintaining, improving and modernizing existing infrastructure;

• Flexible working hours ~4h/day
• Ability to learn from an advanced software stack
• Active participation in company decisionmaking
• Freedom to explore and offer own solutions and features to fulfill our goals
• Contact with customers and stakeholders to understand their needs and translate them into solutions

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