Building Engineer

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The Building Engineer addresses and resolves a tenant/customer’s concern regarding the building or their space


ï? Perform the maintenance, repair, operation, and general upkeep of the property1-on-1 mentorship, training and advice to help users land their next job. Pay only if you succeed in getting hired and start work at a high-paying job first.

ï? Respond to tenant/customer requests with strong customer service skillsAd:

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ï? Administer preventative maintenance on building systems and components

ï? Understand and comply with safety policies and assist other staff members as neededAd:

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ï? Follow company operating policy and procedures; inspections; maintenance of equipment

ï? Work closely with Chief Engineer and other Engineers/Maintenance Technicians to assist as necessary1-on-1 mentorship, training and advice to help users land their next job. Pay only if you succeed in getting hired and start work at a high-paying job first.

ï? Walk and monitor all full-service suites and common areas on a regular basisAd:

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ï? Check for lights out and any other maintenance issues that need to be taken care of

ï? Change out lamps/ballasts as needed

ï? Report maintenance issues to maintenance supervisor for appropriate delegation

ï? Inspect vacant suites weekly

ï? Escort contractors into secure areas/roof and open suite or office doors for contractors

ï? Put fire alarm panels on test when needed

ï? Ensures the cleanliness and marketability of the property

ï? Check for leaks

ï? Perform regular checks on generators and fire pumps

ï? Perform basic plumbing on toilets and sinks

ï? Run errands such as picking up supplies, making runs to the locksmith, etc

ï? Put up/take down umbrellas daily in any patio/common areas

ï? Perform general maintenance repairs as needed, as directed by the Chief or Lead Engineer

ï? May require on call or after hour duties

ï? Perform other duties as assigned

Company Value Indicators:

INTENTIONAL: Able to build deep customer relationships by partnering with co-workers, vendors, and customers

INTUITIVE: Ability to anticipate any barriers that may affect customer or co-worker conflict or stress

CRAFTED: Able to focus on elevating the customer experience

RESPONSIVE: Ability to listen, set clear expectations and engage in crucial conversations on a customer and colleague level

RELIABLE: Able to consistently communicate goals and progress with team

IMPACT-DRIVEN: Regularly measure building performance and provide constructive feedback or suggestions

SINCERE: Able to work collaboratively with your team through trust and transparency
DC 3rd

Maryland 3rd

DC 5th

Training for any of the above
5+ Years of experience

CFC Universal certification

Reliable transportation

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