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About Lab 45, Wipro

On the mission to create a disruptive future

Tech-focused and new-age, Lab 45 is a platform of emerging technology Powered by Wipro’s dynamic CTO team, Lab 45 pursues continuous technological advancements The platform is packed with subject matter experts and visionaries who are working towards a unified goal of becoming the global leader in building cutting edge technology that will improve lives and disrupt the technology spectrumAd:

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We are determined to shape the future

5 pillars of Lab 45:
• Talent Cloud Democratization and virtualization of talent
• Ecosystem for Autonomic Systems Creating the foundation to build the intelligent, aware, and autonomous world
• Phygital and Digital Economy Enabling interactions and transactions with physical and digital goods
• Network for ‘Services’ Responsive and application aware networking technologies
• Brand of ‘Trust’ Trust as a foundation for everything

So, are you ready to join Lab 45 and be a part of the revolutionary future?

About Decentralized ID platform

This platform simplifies the identity information exchange between stakeholders by providing a secure, portable reusable user-controlled identityAd:

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The innovation of this platform lies in how credentials are issued and verified

In the existing digital credentials process identity subject ends up storing digital credentials at multiple places across the web and devices such a laptop, mobile, etc and shares more information than what is required to process a particular transactionAd:

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Added to this, there isn’t a way for the service provider to verify the authenticity of the credentials submitted

Our platform addresses the twin problems of credentials storage, framework for sharing credentials using technologies such as Zero knowledge Proof (ZKP) and lets the service provider verify the authenticity of the credentials being shared


Senior Blockchain Architect

Skill Requirements


Experience in architecting and implementing Decentralized Identity blockchain solutions

Deep technical understanding of Hyperledger Aries & Indy frameworks as well as W3C DID and VC standards

Protocol engineering expertise with contributions to Aries / Indy open source community

Good understanding of various decentralized identity solutions on blockchain platforms; for example uPort, Sidetree protocol, Civic, Ontology etc

Deep technical expertise of Python web frameworks and event-driven programming

Developed internet scale DAPPs using blockchain technology

Experience in application architecture and microservices design and implementation

Experience in working with NoSQL and distributed databases like MongoDB, IPFS

Experience in using cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure) and Linux based platforms like Ubuntu


Work experience in at least one of the blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Quorum, Corda etc

Hands-on experience in working on Open source technologies with a product engineering background

Understanding of various consensus protocols (PoW, PoS, BFT etc)

Contributed to establishing best practices and published blogs or papers on Blockchain

Certifications in Decentralized Identity and/or blockchain protocols



As Senior DID platform architect collaborate with Executive leadership team and DID product owner to define product technical roadmap

Architect, design and implement Aries / Indy protocol changes to implement differentiating features

Create technical design artefacts which can be used by developers for implementation and provide technical guidance in troubleshooting and fixing issues in Aries / Indy

Critically review and identify mission critical components required for scaling DID platform to design and implement the mitigation strategy

Define architecture and best practices for DID product and enable DevOps to for build and release automation



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