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Insight Global Is looking for a Senior Build Engineer. They will be responsible for taking salesforce code, putting it in bitbucket, that code then is deployed by TeamCity to a salesforce sandbox. If something breaks the resource needs to understand how the build agent connects to Salesforce and be able to troubleshoot this to they can reach out to the appropriate people. The company is using 3 different platforms, you will be deploying to SalesForce, MuleSoft, and SiteCore. The pipeline is already automated. The resource may be responsible for building pipelines in TeamCity. They must be willing to own the entire deployment process from building packages, pushing deployments and smoke testing etc. They will lead initiatives that require build automation, deployments, and test automation for multiple system implementations. They are responsible for reviewing existing and future development lifecycle procedures and identify potential points for automation. Establish automated builds that deliver code from a localized environment to testing and production environments. Participate in releases of custom application development from development and testing environments to staging and production environments. Aggregate multiple release streams, and ensure integrity of the tasks, bug fixes, and enhancements being released. Follow appropriate change management processes to ensure that appropriate regulatory guidelines are followed for production releases.
Background in Software Development n either .net or java
-5-6 years minimum experience as a Build / Software engineer with expertise in Release Management

-Familiarity with Salesforce deployments

-Specific experience using TeamCity, knowing how to maintain agent health and pipeline structure

-The resource must understand how TeamCity connects between Git and Jenkins.

-Demonstrated ability to implement and maintain build automation jobs in languages such as Python, Java and/or C#. – This is the scripting for the build jobs. Python is what the company is using. They must know how to build automation scripts for CI/CD.

-Experience automating operating system functions using scripting languages such as bash and PowerShell.

-Proficiency in build tools such as Jenkins, Team City, Octopus, Bitbucket Pipelines, or Circle CI.

-Proven work experience in process automation, deployments, test automation for multiple system implementations.

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